Noon Years Eve & Resolutions

We went to a super fun party at a community library nearby called “Noon Years Eve” (am I the only one bothered by the nonsensicality of the name? And is nonsensicality even a word?!) Well let me tell you, little kids know how to party! It did get pretty crazy at the countdown to noon and the balloon drop…I lost sight of my 3 year old for an extended period of time, and my smaller child was clutching my body in fear of all of the noisemakers and kids going crazy trying to grab balloons and stomping on bubble wrap. But amidst all of the fair type games and fun crafts and fun music, my mommy friend and I realized, this is as party as new years eve is going to get for us mommies! Downing half filled cups of sprite and shaking rice-filled-cups-taped-together noisemakers as we count down to mid-day at the library. I do love the life of a momma! I’m glad we were able to do something to help our little kids capture the excitement of a New Year.
9_noon_years_eve7_noon_years_eve5_noon_years_eve6_noon_years_eve^^^Urban’s favorite little buddy^^^11_noon_years_eve13_noon_years_eve8_noon_years_eve14_noon_years_eve
I don’t usually make resolutions at New Years, because I’ve always thought, shouldn’t I be thinking of ways to be better like….always? I’m working on things to make myself a better person always. But, I never really give myself deadlines, or set measurable goals. And its occurred to me, this is kind of cool. The entire rest of the world (mostly…I assume…I guess…), is alive with energy to be better, to try harder, for a bright NEW YEAR, with hope, for love, believing in a better world if only the people occupying this planet can be better. And I was thinking that I’d like to add to that energy, and you know, 365 days is a good “check in” plan. Concrete. So I’ll keep my non concrete goals coming and going throughout the year, and I want to set a few concrete goals for this one year. Measurable goals with a deadline.

So I’m going to be crazy, really put myself out there, and post these for the world to see and hold me to. If anybody else out there is doing one of these too, let me know and we can bug each other about them!

My 2014 New Years Resolutions

AKA - my measurable goals that I am setting a deadline for (vs. my day-to-day non measurable goals that are ongoing…like…ya know…be more patient when Atlas is disobedient, assume the best in people, fight my negative inner voice with optimism...etc., etc…. Ongoing goals.)

Read the entire Book of Mormon
Read the scriptures and write in my journal every day
Conquer at least one thing I have previously failed at
Do a public musical performance at least once this year
Write 100 pages in my book
Give yoga a real chance
A House of Order: “a place for everything and everything in its place” –> Get there
Put together 3 months of food storage
Get back on the Real Food wagon
Be more thoughtful about the movies/music Urban takes in
And then Mike and I have a few goals together as well, as a family, that helps us progress together and feel unified.

And I could talk your face off about each individual goal on my list here and what it means to me and my plans to fulfilling it, and I can also almost promise you that I will, one by one throughout the year, talk your face off about them. That’s the great thing about having a blog and feeling like I can be open about voicing these things….if anybody is bored or bothered by what I say, they don’t have to read it! Yay! Which means that it means even more to me that whoever out there that is reading any of my ramblings cares at all :-).

I am so excited for 2014!!!

P.S. I see goals and resolutions as a plan to not regret the way we spent this life. To not feel like we were sleep walking, passively letting life pass us by. Here is one of my very favorite people talking about living a life with no regrets.

P.P.S…..today Atlas insisted on writing a letter to Santa Claus (his writing is scribbling, pretending he’s writing). It read:
“Dear Santa Claus, did you have a good day doing Christmas?”


  1. I always savor every word of your posts on bettering yourself and your goals and your quest for positivity and peace. They motivate me, so I would love updates!! I have been neglecting my blog lately due to my not wanting certain people that I don't feel safe with reading my inner personal thoughts. Kind of annoying. I love the contagious nature of setting goals in a new year and a fresh start. Here's to us mama's just trying to enjoy &make the most of every day!! <3 <3 <3 Thank you for sharing!! I hope my post is not far behind yours!

    1. Aww thanks for saying that! It means so much to me! I'm so sorry that you feel like you can't express yourself fully :(. If you are ever feeling like you're going to explode by not sharing your inner personal thoughts online, just type it all out and email it to me! I too feel motivated by your desire to live the fullest and happiest life! But mostly....we just need to get together dangit!

  2. Just came across your blog and love it! :)


    1. Thanks so much Betsy! Happy New Year!

  3. LOVED THIS POST SO MUCH! I enjoy all "goal" posts, but this one makes me exceptionally happy. Those two kiddos are getting cuter and cuter every day. Atlast looks so handsome and Urban looks so beautiful! Her hair has gotten so long. Each picture is cute but I really like the one where they're both sitting on the ground, smirking together. A lot of those things are on my list too...though they're on there every year. ha! So I think I'm going to focus on just a few....I'll be blogging about it soon...who knows when :) Anyway, yes! Do YOGA already!

    1. HA! I'm pretty sure having the same resolutions every year isn't exactly how its supposed to work ;). Although I'm one to talk, I always say that I'm going to have better posture this year!....I actually think I did make lot of progress this past year on that, but I didn't put it on the list this year because I've got yoga on there :D. Blog your list!! I think that blogging mine was the big step I needed to have it "Written in Stone" :D. Love you! I love the smirking picture too hehe....I post so many blurry pictures, but I'm just so blinded by the kids cuteness I don't even care!

  4. When I get out there we can do yoga together! I loved it when I had my gym membership!

    1. YES! I think we need to start making a "When Trish gets out here" bucket list!

  5. What a great list of goals! Good luck : )

  6. Love this list of goals and these adorable pics of your little ones!!! They are precious. ;)

    1. Thankyou Ashley! Every person that reads my goals commits me to them a little more in my brain :).