Our Family Picture/Christmas Card

I hope you all had the Merriest Christmas! I never thought I would be so cliché as to grow up and start saying phrases such as

“I can’t believe Christmas is already over”
“Is it really already the end of December!?”
“It goes by so fast!”
”Its over in the blink of an eye!”

…yet it seems these days that these phrases are all that comes out of my mouth! Sheesh. Seriously though… (cliché coming….) WHERE does the time go?! Well this Christmas season I can say that the time did not disappear into meaningless day to day activities while we waited for the big Christmas day to come. We had a wonderful December. And I think I can attribute that mostly to my advent calendar. It was such a Festive, Christ centered, exciting, sugary, way to start every day this month and I’m so glad I finally buckled down and made it. I did a huge post about it because I really felt that it was going to be the clincher for me to feel like I didn’t miss out on a month that seems to be stuck on fast forward. I didn’t get to do nearly as much as I had planned due to sickness and you know, life happening…
but it feels so good to look back on a certain time like this, and say to myself, I’m happy with how I spent my time.
austin_texas_Christmas_blogp.s.I've decided to try and make this a tradition, to take a family picture in this green chair on Thanksgiving day. Here is last years. When I posted that, my friend Megan jokingly said that she dared us to take that same picture in 20 years...well...yeah! Great idea! 


  1. Cute family! Atlas' smile in the first pic is to die for. And December DID fly by!

    1. Thanks Nicki! I should say the same thing about YOUR family....TOTALLY CUTE! Do you have a blog I should definitely know about? Now that I'm not on instagram I miss so much and would love to see what your up to!


    1. Megan, you know what....I miss you!!!

  3. Love you guys. I like Urban in the first pic, standing straight on to the camera. Funny. I used it in the calendar.

  4. I think its silly when people try to "pose" little kids....whatever they do is just so naturally/awkwardly cute anyways!