Urban Liona at 6 Months Old

  • Loves cruisin around the house in her walker. Went the furthest ever yesterday. I was completely shocked to turn around while making dinner, after having left her in the living room, she was right there smiling up at me in the kitchen doorway! Sneaky. The look on Urban's face when she realizes that she has taken herself somewhere, its pure wonder and joy. The independence, the excitement, the fun, she absolutely loves it. Her arms up and flailing as she runs crookedly. Sometimes she gets so excited as she is heading strait for me, but then with a slightly off push of her little feet the walker starts heading the wrong way, yet her head turns to continue facing me and smiling as her body confusedly goes the other way. Yesterday I was trying to get her to cone to me with air kisses and baby talk, then atlas jumped into the game in a different direction and started calling Urban to him. She got soooooo excited, looked back and forth between me and atlas. Then went strait to atlas! When she got there he gave her a kiss. Mike and I both melted inside.
  • Really great at sitting up. Can sit unassisted for about ten seconds after being balanced. Likes the bumbo.
  • Loves Sophie the vullie giraffe. Specifically, Sophie's feet....I guess those are hoofs...
  • Enjoys looking out the window.
  • Loves sitting in the bottom seat of the stroller.
  • Adores looking in the mirror.
  • Still loves ceiling fans.
  • Loves sitting in her bath seat and is filled with awe when water falls from a cup.
  • Grabs EVERYTHING. Its so precious how excited she gets when her little fingers are reaching, streeeetching for whatever is juuuust out of her reach.
  • Is very patient and sometimes even giggly when her brother gets rough with her.
  • Fits best in size 9 clothes
  • Lights up when she receives attention, even if its just making  eye contact.
  • Puts herself to sleep after a nice little session of being rocked and lovingly sang to.
  • Waves her arms in excitement, nor knowing what to do with them.
  • Still absolutely must be burped after eating. Unburped Urban is unhappy Urban.
  • Loves suckin those little toesies
  • No longer wants her arms swaddled


  1. Those rolls!!!! Love it!

  2. Your baby is as cute as can be and I love the photography! And the journaling! I should do that! Great job!

  3. Oh my goodness she's gorgeous!