For Me

I really do want to blog regularly.
But I get so caught up in getting caught up with pictures and cuteness of the kids that just MUST be documented and how-dare-I blog about “whatever” when I HAVEN’T . EVEN . POSTED . THOSE . HALLOWEEN . PICTURES . YET . !?!?!
BUT I have two quotes that keep ringing in my ears:




I need to remember that a blog post doesn’t have to be perfectly worded, formatted, pictures processed to the perfect black and whiteness, DOUBT or fear that I don’t have time to make it PERFECT stop me ALL the time.
AND I think this blog would be a great place for me to talk about how I’m trying to be a better person and all that...
So I’m going to give this a shot, just blogging, for me.
Not blogging to show the world that I have the CUTEST kids ever made (which, ahem, I do…and umm I still will blog that…), and not blogging to declutter my hard drive by deleting pictures that aren’t good enough to make the blog cut, and not blogging to try and help others (I don’t even know how I’d do that anyways…), but just writing because I love to write and because I need to spend some time on me right now.
In general, I’m trying really hard to take more me time. As per my husband’s insistence.
I feel that I have made great progress in life lately. And its an amazing feeling. A big part of this was getting into running.
In the last three months I’ve gone from two extremes-
Who I was:
I hate running so much, but I know its good for me so I’m going to do it, I’m going to get all dressed in fun running clothes with my cool headphones, I’m pumped I’m so ready for this run!! And after running for 5 minutes I lay flat on the ground gasping for my life and I just let all the passersby assume that I just finished running a secret marathon. (I could really only run for about .20 miles)
Who I am now:
On days I don’t run, I’m an irritable Debbie downer. I crave a good run. I run 5k (3.10 miles) every day, no stopping to walk, a steady half hour every single time. Once a week I do an hour run, this usually gets me about 5.5miles. I’ve even gotten to the point that I can have a good chat with a friend while running!
What I’ve Learned
I’ve learned that when things get hard, like, really hard, you just gotta push through and it will get better. Have I been told that my whole life, uh, YEAH, but I thought that everybody was just saying that so that I’d keep trying! But guess what…its true!
At first it was literal – the route I run is slightly uphill for a small part. For a while I would run hard and stop right as I got to the top of the hill, thinking I deserved to rest now since I made it to the top! Makes sense right? Well one day I decided to keep running after I got to the top…wow! It was amazing! I pushed and pushed and made it to the top and then kept going!  And guess what…it got easier!! This simple, silly little hill on the path that runs past my house has taught me so much about life.

“The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory.”

The first time I ran the 5k loop without stopping, the accomplishment that I felt and the utter joy and self satisfaction ranks right up there with some of the happiest moments of my life.
And since I can’t bring myself to do a post without pictures, here are some strait from my phone- untouched! Most from Memorial Day weekend, some just from life lately.
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  1. I love this post soo much! Thank you for posting just about you! You are beyond blog worthy! I admire you so much for this. I, too, know I need to make time for "me" time. And not only me time, but me time filled with an activity that makes me feel invigorated and good about myself, like running does for you. Thank you for inspiring me. I am always trying to improve myself and I, too. Am proud of how I'm changing! (I'm reading church-related books every day and enjoying it!) Life is all about smoothing out the rough edges and becoming better and happier even in the rough times. I am so excited to get to hang out!! :)

    1. Aww thankyou! Its funny to put myself out there in the world wide web, my hearts thoughts and feelings...I totally recommend getting into running...obviously :p. That's awesome that you take that time to read spiritually uplifting books! I have SUCH a hard time with said things, I usually fall asleep if I try to read during kids naps! Dver since Atlas was born...my daily spiritual studies have TANKed.
      However for just the last week I've started listening to conference talks while I run, and its been amazing! I have felt even more alive at the end of my runs, and my runs have even been physically better! I would love to know which books you've loved the most and perhaps I could get some audio copies, because I am loving this double whammy physical&spiritual hit :)
      C'mon and move here already I'm so excited!

  2. Good for you!! Keep going. I feel your pain (I hate running, die at .20 miles . . . and feel like I can't blog about what happened last week when I haven't covered our last vacation yet). Keep going! I love reading about you and your life : )

    1. Your so sweet to read "about me" :p ! <3

  3. Awesome!! Do you run on Sundays also? I am just curious as it has never really occurred to me to run everyday. I think I could benefit greatly from it. You guys need to come up sometime :)

    1. Nope not on Sundays :)...I wish! Sunday's I'm always feeling like "ahhh if only I could run today I would get a GREAT one in I know it" haha. Tut tut temptations...
      Yeah I was running more like two days a week for a long time, and at that rate I was doing the whole run for a few minutes, walk for a few, run for a few, walk etc., not feeling a whole lot of progress. But then Mike started doing the 5k everyday program and he dropped 25 lbs so fast it was crazy! So that was great motivation for me to see such progress and made it feel actually doable. At first the routine was just to run 5k without stopping, even if that meant I was running slower than I could walk! Then I progressed to running 5k as fast as I can without stopping. Then just the yesterday I switched it up to running 45 minutes at a pace that I can maintain without stopping (for 5 days a week) and then doing the same but for 1 hr just once a week. I'm hoping this will be the final push I need for that stubborn last five lbs!
      YES YES we've talked about coming up several times, its just, ya know...time! Any exciting summer plans? Oh and speaking of running....I've never gotten so wet on a run as I have the last few days (NO RAIN...just humidity!)Do you carry a towel with you when you run? My shirt has been too wet to even wipe my face!

    2. I have to admit that I have run a couple of times on Sunday simply because my Saturdays have been so crazy EVERY week. It was the only way to get a third run in but I felt guilty the whole time so I've got to think of something else as I work on Mondays and Fridays. WET seems like a gross understatement and it has never occurred to me to bring a towel, but I do run at about 7:30 now that it is hotter. I don't seem to have a problem with it running into my eyes so that is probably why I haven't thought about it much. A light hand towel would do the trick. Rebekah and I have plans this summer to play tennis on Wednesday mornings, but I don't think I will be afraid to run now if we don't! I'm old and my bones sure feel every step but I'm going to give it a go.
      Time, don't I know it. Maybe we could plan a 5k if for no other reason than to get together and see if I can actually live through one. It would be ok if you didn't stay with me either, I know I'm slow :) ttyl