Urban Liona. 5 Months Old.

  • Is so vocal when she wants attention or is having fun with a toy. Does these really adorable, really high pitched and loud screams.
  • Loves flying like an airplane above mommy and daddy.
  • Sometimes she will just lay in her crib happy screaming screaming and laughing at herself, often playing with her feet.
  • Loves playing with her feet and sucking on her toes.
  • Has 7 arm notches
  • Chooses to only roll over when no one is watching. Has apparently rolled both front to back and back to front.
  • Loves to pull her brother’s hair out (literally) and he LOVES when she does even more than she loves pulling it out (I’m serious)
  • Cranes her very strong neck around when she wants to see something that she is turned away from. Will stop at nothing.
  • Recognizes when she is about to be tickled and gets excited.
  • More ticklish every month! She is most ticklish on her neck and the sides of her tummy.
  • Officially does not fit in her soft foldable bathtub in the sink anymore. Sadly for all of us. Mommy breaks her back leaning over the bathtub now, and baby hates laying down in the bathtub. We need to figure out a new system…
  • Hair has gotten somewhat “wispy”. There is ONE strand that is much, much longer than the rest. Right smack in the middle of the top of her head.
  • 95th percentile for weight. 90th for height. And 97th for head! Big girl!
  • Still has a very soft cry. We often will think she is just fussing and making noises trying to fall asleep, so we let her be, then we go up to find that she has tears streaming down. Sad but sweet because she will get to that point without ever letting out a “normal” baby cry.

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