The Grass is Soft

After many beautifully pleasant winters in California, and now yet another amazing winter but now in Texas, I'm pretty sure I officially could never survive living somewhere cold again. We are perfectly happy with year round basking in the sun and strolls through the park.
Atlas has had a fever most of this week, and of course this has been the most beautifully week yet! So when it said 80degrees yesterday we loaded up the fever reducer and headed for the park anyways! Sad when we realized that all of our shoes had been locked in our closet with no key...so we decided to pack up the toys and books and hang out in the middle of the grassy soccer field. It was nice being at the park but not the playground. And there was no one else around so we didn't have to worry about spreading our germs.
As wonderful as this park is with all of the different play structures, ponds, exercise equipment, walking and running trails, ducks, I think my favorite may be how well kept and soft this field of grass is! When is the last time you walked barefoot in the grass and felt like you were stepping on feathers? Yeah.
Urban had this adorable little happy face the entire walk there! She was having a ball sitting in the bottom!
Now cross your fingers that this post actually works and looks ok, its from my phone yeah!

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