Urban Liona Lately. Four Months Old.

Also wrote this one and took the pix in the beginning of December, all I needed to do was add the pictures! Funny how small things can make me feel all tied up and keep me from progressing (pretty sure there is a life lesson here that I should be catching onto….). So here is Urban’s four-month-old post, while I am just about to start working on her five month old post…ha!

This stripe-ey cutie patootie is four months old!

I think the phrase “They grow up so/too fast!” is the most overused phrase in the world that I just cannot stop saying….

Here are a few things my little four month-er has been up to….

  • Has discovered, and loves her tiny tongue! She usually sticks it out in the middle of a big tickle. And always has it happily hanging out when I find her awake in her crib in the morning/after naps. Its also a little game we play- I stick mine out, she sticks hers out, then we laugh. I actually find it very touching as silly as it sounds….I just feel that its our first intelligent communication…..oh geeze….
  • She is all about putting those little hands in her mouth. Slobbery-like.
  • Mohawk is almost completely gone. This is actually quite depressing for me. Because I think her mohawk was perfectly adorable in its symmetrical perfection. There were several times people commented that they thought it was cute that I would always style her hair into a ‘hawk, little did they know how naturally PERFECT she was. That thing would fluff right into place after baths.
  • Loves when her big bro entertains her. Atlas can easily get a giggle and tongue-smile from his baby sis.
  • Rolled over once! Of course, there were no witnesses, however, we are certain she was on her tummy and then several minutes later was not on her tummy.
  • toys in mouth lovin
  • feet holding
  • lights up when she is acknowledged
  • Favorite toy is a flower shaped thing with a mirror in the middle and all different pedals – crinkles, beads, chewy soft, its got it all :).


  1. I love that little girl! Can't wait to see her again!

  2. She is adorable! They really do grow up way too fast!! So excited to hear that she has already rolled over, wait until she really gets the hang of it, she will be rolling everywhere!! When my youngest boy was a baby and he hadn't quite figured out how to crawl yet he would simply roll wherever he was trying to get to and it was so funny! Thanks for linking up to the mommy brain mixer!

  3. such cute photos and what a great name!!


  4. What great pics! She is such a sweet baby and you are skilled with the camera--love the 2nd one from the end where she is looking up at the camera especially :) Visiting from the Mommy Brain Mixer.