His World Lately

I wrote this ENTIRE post a few weeks ago, right before we packed up the computer. I’m sure I wanted to add pictures to it, but I would rather have it posted without pictures than not post it at all… So here is Atlas in his world lately, at the beginning of December 2012.
I know it’s a lot, but I look forward to the day I print out my blog and make a book out of it, and have all of these amazingly cute memories, moments in this incredible toddler’s life that are so abundant these days, but will some day be different moments, little boy moments, then boy moments, then teenager moments, then adult moments….I want these toddler moments easily accessible to remember and smile about….

These are just a few cute things Atlas has done recently that are just popping into my head as I am writing. I wish I could record everything he does, but he is an endless universe of adorable and leaves me in wonder all day long. I know I’ll be happy I wrote these things down.

His world as a Brother:

Calls Urban either Honey, Sweetie, or Burban (baby Urban). Often rushes to her side when she is fussing, strokes the top of her head, with his brows furrowed ‘Aww, whats wrong honey? Why you cwying?” Genuine concern in his voice and face.
The other night he was being difficult so we let him go to our bed to go to sleep while me and Mike were trying to finish a movie. If you don’t know, Urban is in a co-sleeper right next to our bed. A few minutes later we hear Urban cooing and giggling and Atlas is chatting up a storm with her! We go in and he is leaned over her sleeper with an arm on her belly. Just hanging out, old, best buddies.
He also uses his little sis as an excuse to get out of things. She will make barely a peep and he will suddenly pipe up from his bed “Burban (baby Urban) needs me! She cryin!”
My favorite might be when he does sweet little things when he thinks no one is watching. Like when I spied him explaining Christmas to Urban (I couldn’t really make out what he was saying, but he was pointing at the Christmas tree and leaning over her, speaking softly and happily). And the time I spied him giving her a kiss attack.

His world as a little boy:

Getting really good at riding the balance bike.
Went swimming in the hot tub the other day, fully clothed, and had a blast. Then went and rolled around in the dirt, all wet and now muddy. Loved it. Also loved the nice warm, clean bath afterwards.
Another excuse to get out of bed- “I gotta go potty!”. This is usually true 5% of the time…but what do we say…no, you can’t try to go potty? So back and forth it is.
We finally have a few presents under the tree. Sometimes I will find Atlas just sitting there, staring at them :). I wish I could have that kind of wonder in my heart. I am so excited to create the magic of Santa Clause for him for the first time!
He is getting so good at singing! Among his already favorites Wheels on the bus & ABCs, he now also loves to sing Skidamarinkidinkidink and Monkey’s jumping on the bed. We have such fun dance sessions.
He is in LOVE with “White Christmas” the movie! Its precious. When the actors start dancing he comes up to me and grabs my hand and says “mommy dance with me? please!?!”
On a walk around our apartment parking lot, I asked him if he thought the trees were pretty. He responded “No mommy, not trees, it’s a jungle!”. We then pretended to see Lions and Monkey’s running through the jungle. I love his imagination.
Literally paid for our Christmas lights at Home Depot. I didn’t know he had any such plan. We got to the checkout, he handed the cashier the lights, then reached into his pocket and slapped a penny on the counter, he must have found it on the ground or something. As I tried to contain my giggles and “awww that’s so sweet!!!” I secretly handed the cashier my card and asked him to play along, accept the penny, and act like Atlas had indeed paid for our family Christmas lights. Financial education can come later, his desire was heart melting.’
Another money story – we received a sweet Christmas package from my Grandparent’s with some money taped onto the outside with a note to buy something fun for the kids. Instead I explained to Atlas that the money was a present for him and he gets to buy whatever he wants with it! He responded “….I know….Atlas buy a new house!!” – we are days away from closing on our house, he knows and wants to help!

His World as a Child, full of purity and the Light of Christ:

I wondered if I should share this, because it is so very dear to my heart.
The innocence and purity of a child is beyond beautiful. And the reason I blog is because I want to share the beauty of life.
On a walk/bike ride yesterday Atlas suddenly stopped his bike, pointed to the sunset & beautiful clouds, and gave me chills when he said “Look mommy, its Jesus”.
I thought I must have been mistaken, so I asked him what he said. He pointed at the sky and repeated, “it’s Jesus!”.
Then started riding his bike again, as if it were no big deal.
On a lighter, but just as beautiful note- a few weeks ago, Mike was walking the halls with a very restless Atlas during sacrament meeting. Here are Atlas’s responses to the pictures in the hall, all spoken with complete enthusiasm and joy:
“Jesus Wash the Feet! “
“Jesus Open the door!”
“Jesus tawk (talk) a friends!”
“Jesus Christ Butterfly!”


  1. Isn't it wonderful when God teaches you through them? Beautiful boy!

  2. Aw, hearing this kind of thing makes me so excited to have kids.