Austin Adventures

This weekend we checked out this awesome public park with peacock’s roaming around. It was a beautiful park and a beautiful day. Its interesting how beautiful animals like this just seem to emanate a powerful peace….not necessarily because they are peaceful animals (are they? These ones were just so domesticated)….but because I can’t help but think about God’s joy in creating these things to make this world beautiful.
The park was very “ruin-sey” feeling. Old stone and crumbling walls (that I’m sure have been made safe). There were three or four ponds with huge koi fish (I think that’s what they were….)
Its called the Mayfield Park, you should definitely bring a packed lunch and a book to spend a quiet afternoon there some day if you are in the area. And I’m pretty sure your aloud to feed the birds bread, because we saw other people feeding them.


  1. you are so beautiful and adorable with your babies! and atlas' shoes are so funny!! <3

    1. aww you are too sweet Rachael! I love reading your blog too, your little Jude is beyond adorable and I love seeing all of your pictures! Yes those shoes, he of course picked them out and could not live without them :)

  2. His shoes!!!!!! Are those the ones that light up that he didn't want to show me? Trev and I were commenting about how he's got cool/trendy shirt and pants and then wild car shoes and a a Star Wars Lego hat! Cracks me up.

    1. Yes those are the ones! He's so funny about those shoes. We try to put shoes on him that actually match his outfits, and he always corrects us. 'nononononono firetruck shoes!' Its pretty cute. Oh and they are not CAR shoes lindsey...they are FIRETRUCK shoes. Shesh.