His World

After doing a post about Urban the other day, I felt sad that I hardly ever write down how Atlas is progressing in life these days. So here is his 34 month update!
Cuteness roundup:
  • Chatty little guy. Sometimes when he goes on a rant about who knows what, I think he starts just saying words while he’s trying to figure out what he really wants to say. The whole think and then speak concept means nothing to him.
  • Favorite toys (in no order): M&M truck, tractors, aminal (yes aMiNal) train, tow twup, firetuk
  • Favorite song- Wheels on the Bus – he is usually singing this under his breath all day
  • Another favorite song – ABC song.
    • When Urban is sad he will rush to her side and start singing this and stroke her head. Sometimes he will give up and say “not working” and shake his head like he really thinks it should work.
    • Every time when he demands that I sing the ABC song, I’ll start singing it, he’ll interrupt “no no no no no. WXYZ!” and will be unsatisfied unless I skip right to the end. Not because he doesn’t like the song, but because the end part is his very favorite part of the song.
  • Favorite letter – W of course
  • Favorite treat – Toss up between cookies, ice cream cone, marshmallows, and chocolate. Smart, spoiled kid….
  • He’s a little helper. Won’t let me do the dishes alone (I imagine this will be very awesome once he gets a little older, but for now, it’s a sweet, but slippery wet mess). Also loves helping cook, this is a lot of fun actually and he’s pretty good at stirring without making a mess.
  • Backseat driver – shouts “red light stop!!!!!!!!” “And “Green light go mommy go go!” All throughout the drives. Also randomly points out when to turn left and when to turn right…..lets just say I wouldn’t rely on this method to get home in any timely manner.
  • Still the snuggliest toddler I’ve ever heard of.
  • Helps give Urban baths
  • builds cool “people house” with his blocks.
  • Gives the cutest “kiss attack” you have ever had
  • NEVER wants to get IN the bath, yet NEVER wants to get OUT either….
  • Very imaginative these days, talking to his toys, his toys talking back, going on little adventures together….in his own little land.
  • LOVES being tickled, chased, and hiding
  • Loves bed time stories and reading books
  • Can never get enough CHEEEEESE!
This craft was completely his idea. He called me to help him get some things out of the craft drawers. He chose glue, paintbrushes, paper, brown paint, and sticks. I asked him what he was making. He told me he was making our “new howts” (house). “biiig howtz”. Got a little teary eyed here.

Other cute stuff he’s been sayin….

One day a few weeks ago I told him that the reason he needs to take naps is so that his body can feel good and he will be happy. Ever since then, every time he wakes up, he yells at the top of his lungs “MOMMY I’M HAPPY!!! I’m happy I’m happy!!” Warms my heart.
Atlas was “reading” alone in his bed at bedtime. He started crying out for me or Mike to come to him, very sad-like. When I got in there and asked what was the matter he very sadly responded “reading is hard.”
His prayers are absolutely heart melting. He used to just pray for mommy and daddy. But those days are long over. The other day he prayed to watch a show and have chocolate. Most of the time he will pray for his train or m&m truck. Lot of times he will pray for daddy to come home if he is at work, or pray that he is happy that daddy is home. He also often prays “mommy happy, atlas happy, daddy happy, baby urban happy!”
Yesterday when it was time to go to nursery at church, he burst into the nursery room and exclaimed “Oh hi everybody, I’m back! Atlas is here!” And immediately sat down and started on the prepared activity. No looking back at me, is it wrong that I’m slightly heartbroken when he doesn’t care whether I stay or go?
He’s started learning songs that are not primary/toddler specific. A week or two ago he suddenly just started singing along with The Rock Of Ages soundtrack that I play all the time “More Than Words” and he sang through the whole thing, on key!! Again, a teary moment for me. He seemed so old.
And the thing I am MOST PROUD of him for right now just happened this weekend! We decided that he was ready to be cracked down upon when it comes to food. In case you didn’t know, he is the pickiest little child I know of, I’m not proud of this, and I’m pretty sure its my fault (yes Mike, I admit it), but last night we got him to eat fish, sweet potato's, and green beans! BIG DEAL! Of course, his portions were mouse sized as to not overwhelm him, but he did eat everything on his plate. I hope this is the beginning of a better life!

Some A Lot of pictures from here and there in his world lately:



  1. He is just the cutest thing Ariel! You must be doing lots of things right to have such a happy, imaginative, playful little one. :)

  2. I love all the pics. I have some comments like these about Rebekah in my journal, but not pics to go with most of it! Great idea.