It’s the 9th again?!


That means my lil bit is

  • SO HAPPY when she wakes. ALL smiles and coos.
  • Starting to have a cute little chuckle laugh.
  • almost always smiles when either me or mike walk into the room and catch her eye.
  • 15 lbs of rolly goodness – size 6months are the most comfy now
  • Sleeps through the night!! Champion.
  • Takes ONE four to six hour nap starting at noon.
  • Also smiles at her big bro, she likes him even though sometimes he accidentally drives toy cars on her face.
  • Likes to snuggle, but doesn’t mind sleeping alone. Flexible this way.
  • Likes to “plank”.
  • Grabbing toy rings!
  • She’s ticklish!!! This family would be very depressed if she were not. There is a lot of tickling in this household.
  • Overall, she is completely and simply happy as long as her bum is dry and her tummy is full.

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