you're not picky, you just haven’t had it cooked right

There have been a few times in my life where I realized that I’m not really picky, I just had never had certain things prepared right, and turns out…I do like them!

Some life changing examples:

Guacamole – I HATED it until we went to Mexico on our honeymoon. Ever since then I’ve been hooked, it can be lame or gourmet, I will eat it. Same with Avocados….I will eat them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, I just had to have delicious Mexican avocados before I was converted!

Green Beans – My whole life I had only ever had canned green beans until just like a week ago I decided to buy fresh….turns out they don’t make me gag this way!

Steak – One of these days, take yourself to a nice restaurant and just order that $22 dollar medium-rare steak, it will change your life. There is more to life than chewy, overcooked grocery store steaks!

And this weekend Mike (my FOODIE hubs) made some groundbreaking progress with my palette…SUSHI!

I would like to personally thank HOW DO YOU ROLL restaurant (and mike’s master ordering skills) for changing my mind! I thought I didn’t like Sushi. I’ve had sushi so many times with Mike, been very open to liking it, and put forth my best effort to do so. Mike loves sushi. He’s always wished I liked sushi. He’s long believed that our marriage would be better if I liked sushi.

Since this is right next to Mike’s work, he kind of goes there all the time, so he was able to put together the PERFECT order for a non-seafood and non-sushi lover such as myself. Here is the recipe/order that converted me:
 Exact Order of perfection: (By the way, its only like $8/person….a score for sushi!!!)
Soy Wrap
white rice
Ahi Tuna
Tofu Skin
Chili Marinated Red Onion
Topped with crunchy Tempura & Creamy Miso
Dipped in Ponzu w/ a touch of wasabi

Mike is so excited that our marriage can finally move forward.


  1. He just looks thrilled!

  2. lol.. I'm not a sushi person.. nor is M so while we may be missing out on the greatest thing ever.. at least we're missing out on it together :)
    Love guacamole and avocado's.. while I use it a lot I don't think I can just eat it like a fruit.

  3. I think that is the most adorable baby hat ever! I am the same way about certain food- I have to have it prepared a certain way.. I used to not like breakfast food at all but I realized that my mother growing up isn't the best breakfast cook lol :)