A Happy Thought in The Midst Of...

 (last year)

Its been a rough week. Like, test who you really are kind of week. Like, if it don't kill ya, it will make you stronger kind of week. And I really believe those things, that when times are tough, one can take great pride in never losing a certain optimism. And when its over, when you overcame, when you look back with the knowledge that you actually smiled and enjoyed moments of the journey because you knew what a funny story it would be to look back on how laughably bad things were, that sense of accomplishment, that pride in yourself will move you up a few notches in the got-this-life-figure-out pole. And that kind of confidence boost is priceless. And when a person gots confidence, a person can do anything

I believe that life is like a muscle, lets imagine our life is a bicep. And if you want a stronger, more awesome bicep, you can't just go to the gym everyday for 10 years and lift 10 lbs for a half hour. The strength will remain the same, and it will be easy. You know what you gotta do, you have to increase the weight. You have to push your limits. Because right when it starts to burn. Right when you want to stop because it hurts so bad. THAT is the moment when you grow. 

In short, I truly am grateful for when life teaches me a lesson. I would never give up the rough times I've been through to make my life easier. Looking back at who I was five years ago, I can't believe how little I knew about life! This, is a journey. An Adventure. What adventure movie can you think of where everything went right and easy? (booooooooorrrring!)

I can't wait to see what kind of person I am ten years down the road, with ten more years of muscle-growin under the belt. 

Here is us last Christmas, after the most grueling 3 months of my life (I really think so). Moving from the west coast, leaving all of our friends who had become like family, ditching so many of our loved things that we couldn't bring along, to a scary new, lonely place, with no job. And look at how good things turned out! (I will not allow this week to taint the past year as we come upon our 1 year anniversary here!)

To those who are aware of the plumbing incident, that was definitely the straw that prompted this post, but not the only straw on my back at the moment! Thankyou for everyone who has expressed their prayers and concern during this issue and during our flu sufferings! Love you all <3

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