Something Spoooooooky!

Just Kidding! The only adjective to properly describe this post is….ADORABLE. 

Except for my incredible homemade Halloween décor…. that was just awesome spooky (proud much?!):
I always said I would never put wings or tulle on my toddler girl for Halloween like every single other mother in the world does. And I stand by the tulle thing and do not plan to budge there. BUT then Atlas decided he wanted to be Peter Pan, and of COURSE my initial reaction was “Urban will be the PERFECT Shmee!!”
So I had it all planned out. And then….I started to feel bad….after all….I’ve already had a boy to dress up all these years, and this poor little girl already wears boy clothes half the time anyways since her mother has this thing against pink and purple and frilleyness and all of those convenient hand-me-down boy clothes (I like to think of many of them as unisex…right?)….maybe for Halloween, she should be something she isn’t every day….poor thing was always mistaken for a chubby little baby boy, especially after we would tell people her name….ay ay ay…..
Soo anyways, I decided to go the fairy route. But of course I wanted her and Atlas to be matching little woodland dwellers. So here was my first time sewing Halloween costumes, or, well, anything significant for the matter! I was kind of brimming with pride for like, ever over these… Oh and I was Captain Hook, of course.
Let me explain if this picture is confusing- Atlas is holding my hook, and I am holding his “bubble sword”. We actually have fun, cool, fake pirate swords and knifes in our toy box, but Atlas insisted on using his bubble wand instead of a knife, what can I say, a lover not a fighter!
It was so much fun to have Mike’s Dad and Uncle in town for Halloween! It was an extra fantastic weekend!
^^These two….this is Atlas’s adorable little buddy who just happened to be dressed up as Tinkerbell, no coordinating intended! And of course when we ask them to strike a pose so the mommy’s can snap a few, they just start nuzzling, NO BIG DEAL! Ah. Just killing it you two.
And the baby in fairy wings would not be complete without a little photoshop magic! (had to)
After the day, after the sugar, after the bath….The Crash.


  1. I can't not comment. I LOVE this. Especially the pixtures of Paisley and Atlas, naturally. :) David says they look like engagement photos. I just think they.make the cutest buddies ever! And Urban is such a doll! Thanks for sharing.

  2. How fun. I miss these kids! They're just so cute. That one with Urban walking carrying her pumpkin bucket! And then Atlas with his firetruck bag. HAha! Adorable. Also, loving the decor :)