Happy List.

I’ve been seeing these all over the blog realm and they make me happy :) . I’m a list freak so umm ... This feels right.



1. blazing through a fun book
2. learning something new & awesome in photoshop
3. at the grocery store playing peek-a-b0o with Atlas around EVERY SINGLE corner
4. suddenly getting all into a new past-time/hobby that you don’t really have time for yet its strangely enjoyable and liberating…and realizing that it really doesn’t take as much time once you have it all set up as you thought it would! (umm…in the mood to blog anyone?)
5. enjoying, I mean really enjoying reading the Ensign
6. when Mike gets to work from home on his laptop
7. getting inspired to make something awesome on pinterest. Even if it never happens, I like the feeling…
8. Marshmallow Mateys for dinner
9. car sounds Atlas makes while pushing anything (such as a laundry basket) around
10. eating my 59-grams-of-whole-grain-bagels smothered in cream cheese

make a happy list. and tell me about it. it makes me happy to know my friends are happy. and it will make you happy to remember what you are happy about.


  1. Such a good idea! I'll have to try it out!

  2. Fun! Your list makes me smile, so it would be at the top of my list :)