Why Not Talk About Bed Time…

he is smiling that big because he loves those pajamas … seriously :)


  • He’s begun talking in his sleep. His own language, yes, but real blabbering just as if he were awake with the same intonation and energy. Stuff we’ve heard: “mom mom” , giggles, oooooo, blabber blabber.

  • Although I’ve always been a huge believer in the family bed, as of late he has become almost impossible to get a good night’s sleep with. SO MUCH wiggling and kicking!! Just….holdSTILL!

  • Good Habits: I’m so proud of how after he carefully  sets down his bedtime bottle, he points towards the bathroom and says either “tee?” (teeth) or “bwuh?” (brush). Brushing his teeth is just about his favorite time of the day darn it.

  • Habits: (good or bad?) I’ve purposely and successfully changed Atlas’ bedtime to a “later than perfect” bed time. We like to go out as a family in the evening, and going to bed at 7pm can screw that up. Not to mention getting up at 6am! So our little guy has been happily trained to go to sleep more like 8:30/9ish, which leaves him waking up more like 8:30ish, sometimes even till 9ish! Thaaaats nice.

Current favorite bedtime story:


discovered on couch. doesn’t big boy #2 (mike) look so happy?


Nigh’ Night


  1. I am a believer in the family bed, too :)And those pajamas are CUTE. I would be smiling, too, if I were wearing those :)

  2. ahhhh. I just want to grab him and squeeze him! And that pic of mike and atlas is so precious.