Get Lost in … MAZE RUNNER


(do not fear, there are no spoilers here)


Was this a work of literary genius? no

Did I feel an intense connection to the Hero? no

Did I have a hard time putting it down to eat, sleep, or go to the bathroom? YES YES YES!!

GET LOST … In my opinion, that is all that matters. If I were rating Maze Runner based on character development or motive of protagonist, it would not score high. But what I care about when reading genre fiction is genuine entertainment. The book was highly entertaining and left me completely useless to my husband and child for a solid 72 hours. Go get lost.


  1. MAN. I've gotta read it now...except I was thinking of reading Hitchhikers guide next..so maybe after that. But there's one thing for sure, the next book I read will not be non-fiction. I can't wait!

  2. So I've been slowly reading hitchhiker's guide for a while now. Its so well written and entertaining, but definitely not suspenseful. So creative though!

  3. hmm...well in that case maybe I'll read Mazerunner first. I've read 3 slow books in a row..good books but not page turners