Inspirational quotes keep me motivated and full of energy to accomplish something great! I have sticky notes, ugly ripped up pieces of paper, whatever I could find at the moment stuck all over the walls in my house with a short note scribbled on it, something I found highly inspiring in that moment and to make sure I didn’t forget about it or put it off to make it cute, I just throw it on whatever I can find a put it on whatever wall is closest. Most days I don’t stop and read more than one (except the ones at the kitchen sink, those ones get a lot of attention), but whenever I feel inclined to pause, look at a random piece of paper on my wall, and read it, it is always just what I needed to hear that day and gives me a little boost and something meaningful to think about, thinking about how I might apply it to my life. Led by the spirit, of course. There are probably thousands of wonderful, uplifting quotes by this inspirational man, but here are just a few that are my favorites. mandela_quotenelson_quotenelson_quotesnelson_mandela_inspirationalnelson_mandela_quotes

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