Happy Birthday LalalaLindseyann!!

You have ALWAYS been my role model, favorite playmate, and best friend.13580_10151781935567431_764256604_n198843_5156241706_4815_nMy heart is content when we close our eyes, and just strum, always in sync with eachother.
^^best friend necklaces^^
367_586783688799_6274_n^^I really shouldn’t be ok with myself in this picture…but I love it because its me and my favorite….^^
78_507537186184_3874_n (1)4620_579374343944_3244873_n2842_574792905184_935374_n^^Scary Movie^^At this time, Lindsey, I would like to formally thank you for all of the times you “allowed” me to sleep on the floor next to your bed because I was scared in my room, and for all of those times you (grudgingly) accompanied me to the bathroom in the middle of the night to protect me from monsters. You’re a real good sis.
She is one of two girls (my momma being the other, of course) on this planet that always, always, understands me and I never need to feel judged. Only her can I have a pointless, hilarious, deep conversation for hours on gchat. I have no doubt that we chose to be sisters in our life before Earth, we knew we couldn't live without eachother constantly there, or at least, I begged and begged her to be my sister and she agreed ;). Love you sis. My heart breaks every day we are apart! But I bet you had a wonderful birthday with your incredible family and the wonderful life you have created for yourself. You continue to inspire me and be my big, role model sister/best friend!
p.s.Atlas of course sang you his yearly happy birthday to aunt lindsey song (although, this one had a lot of airplanes and rocket ships in it, I think the birthday theme may have been slightly lost….), but I have been fighting trying to get it on the computer! I don’t know why it won’t work…anyways, consider yourself loved on your birthday by Atlas too! Oh an Urban was totally was part of the song too, she was naked, I thought you would like some jiggling in your birthday video….)


  1. Love you both : )

  2. LOVED this <3

    I have something to say and laugh about for each of these pictures. I so miss playing music outlet with you, and I so love your face with the green otter pop. And our gchats ALWAYS make me laugh. I always end up telling at least part of it to Trevor once he gets home.

    And I would love to see that video of the kiddos. I would probably love it and make Trevor watch it over and over and over. PLEASE post it! And tell the wee babes thank you in advance.

    Thanks for making me smile :)

  3. OH, and just in case you were wondering, I didn't have to get naked at the foot doctor today.