Swing Life Away


On a stroll home from the park, we ran into one of our kind neighbors who promptly offered Atlas a motorcycle tire! Score! Turns out, motorcycle tires make the PERFECT tire swing! Our junky backyard just went way up in coolness.

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In other backyard news, our garden is growing!!!! I must admit, I was quite the unfaithful cliché, having little to no faith that a seed would grow, well really the faith problem was not the seed, but myself. The more I read about gardening, the more I believed I would fail, all of these expert gardeners out there making me think that everything has to be totally perfect, I fell victim. Anyhew, I’m still skeptical something edible will result, but we’re gonna keep watering and weeding and watching it grow!


Although you can see the disorder of our backyard in these pictures, we have since completely cleaned it up, and raked up all of the leaves and sticks, and spread grass seed! It is now between 1/2 and 1 inch tall!!


And this little one, oh dear. The days that we work in the yard, she is like a little homeless child. This picture was taken at the beginning, but within a few minutes of being back there she is completely covered in dirt, slobber (which turns the dirt to mud), and depending on the day, snot (which turns the dirt to putty). It is much nicer now that she is walking, but she pretty much just toddles around eating things and looking like she doesn’t  have parents.

BTW, I’m still completely in love with my Nokia Lumia 920, just in case you were wondering whats up with all of the special fx…

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  1. Oh my goodness! The swing, the boy, the backyard, the house, the 3-in-1 pic, the garden box, the blue-eyed little girl... I adore it all!!!

    Ps- days like that are the best. They're the ones I miss most in apt living. :)