This snotty, slobbery mess had a 102 fever last week, yet was still the sweetest thang in town. Poor little bear has been cutting teeth left and right. Last I checked she had eight teeth!
I love that she finally loves to be rocked to sleep! She got used to it while we were travelling and she was cutting teeth, rough combination! But rocking her to sleep really soothed her and now she’s decided that we should just do that every night. Mike and I are both more than ok with that.
She stares right into my eyes as I rock her. She doesn’t close her eyes and fall asleep. Her eyes close when she falls asleep, keeping eye contact the whole time. She likes to wave her arm around, letting it swing at her side as she goes left, to right in my arms. Many times she will babble away as her eyes get heavier, and heavier. Often times letting a babble trail off into one long groan as she forgets that she was talking.