…Will Atlas Shrug?

I’m not very good at sounding like I know what I’m talking about. And lets be honest…most of the time I don’t. But I really feel for this book so I want to say a few things because it has been on my mind a LOT lately with the election.
This book basically stands as a prophesy of our time. When it was written over fifty years ago, the idea that the events which take place in the book actually ever happening was soooo outlandish and “out there” … I don’t think that even Ayn Rand thought that they would ever happen, she merely used EXTREME examples to get a point across.
Yet here we are, the politicians of today practically quoting the politicians of her masterpiece, written 54 years ago. I highly, HIGHLY recommend reading this book. It will open your eyes, whether you are a liberal, conservative, or somewhere in between or far away, its fascinating.
Don’t worry, its not just political mumbo jumbo. It’s a story about people. There is suspense, drama, a little comedy here and there, and even romance.
Books are more fun when you have someone to discuss them with, I am always free! Just shoot me a comment here and we can chat it up!
You have nothing to lose. If somehow….SOMEHOW you disagree with the genius of Ayn Rand, you will at least be that much more educated on the basic workings of our country, and how it functions with capitalism-which in my opinion, is what makes our country great. And you know….it’s a classic….sooooooooo……you’ll feel pretty cool dropping quotes here and there from it.
WARNING: you may want to name your son Atlas after reading this book…..
p.s. Don’t watch the movie instead. Just don’t. The movie is incredibly confusing and booooooring. Characters are cut, key scenes are squeezed into minutes. Just don’t.

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