The Lemon Tree

The second Mike saw his first california lemon tree in a cute little CA neighborhood lawn, he knew he wanted a lemon tree. I’ve been hearing about it ever since and I love that he wanted one so bad. Unfortunately a mature lemon tree runs about $300+ and we’re not exactly the kind to stay in a place for 5 years waiting around for a seed we planted to bear fruit. So when we saw these mature lemon trees for sale at costco for only $50, we got one!! Since it was a saturday and costco wasn’t going to wait for us to drive home and get our truck, and it was the very last lemon tree they had (that looked healthy), we shoved it into our subaru.


Then a few weeks later we were picking our first lemon! (It was already growing on the tree when we bought it, a major selling point Smile)

Atlas got the honors


mmm yummy guacamole : )

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