Yard Work & The Little Helper

Mike has always wanted a yard to fix up, and now we have so much more than we can handle! He’s done a lot, the biggest project of all so far being the removal of 6 stumps after chain sawing the tree down (yes ladies, I let my husband buy a chainsaw, and he’s all the more manly for owning one, or so he thinks). Before removing the stumps, there was some shoveling to be done, which Mike did a little bit of everyday for about a week until he could finish he project on the weekend. Atlas was very helpful with this!





Seeing what daddy was doing, he started collecting sticks too. He even tried to put them in the compost bin all by himself. He couldn’t reach…



We have really great neighbors! Anytime we’re doing a project outside and it appears that we’re going to need some help or equipment, somebody comes over and offers that help! We had no idea how to get the stumps out and after mike spent a few days stabbing them with his shovel, one of our neighbors offered his removal chain thingy. Which work very well.


The last stump!


Mike tore out the totally out of control Ivy and discovered a cool cement planter box, with levels! Never would have guessed that was there. Herb garden here we come!



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  1. What a cute handiman. Out there in his pjs!