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A lovely bike ride through Atherton, the so to speak Beverly Hills of the Bay, just three miles from where we live not to say that our home is at all Beverly Hills, with its doors that shut only during certain months of the year….) You’d be surprised what can happen within 3 miles….
double <3
I tell no lie: neither I nor Lily’s mother had any idea he was taking this lovely shot of her! You can see me in the chair behind her, and her mother in the chair to the right. Apparantly he’s figured out the camera all on his own!
Then he turned the camera around and there are seriously about 10 pictures like this, and then 10 more with his finger over the viewfinder, not quite pro photog yet.
One of Mike’s Mission Companions (Texas Fort Worth – Spanish) lives about 3 hrs North of us and they came down for the weekend to hang out. It was a lot of fun! We went to the beach for part of a day and although cloudy (Half moon Bay…whats new??) it was super enjoyable.
I wish I’d gotten a picture or video of it, but apparently Atlas’ new lady charming technique is exposing his belly. The two of them were sitting on his little couch together, looking at each other, Atlas had his arm casually over the back of the couch, and then suddenly for no apparent reason he just slowly took his other arm and slid his shirt up over his protruding belly, then just stared at her with his little look. It was hilarous seriously. And then he did it again tonight at the store! A baby we don’t know was wanting to play with him, so he slid his shirt up and looked at her, waiting for her reaction, then she laughed and smacked him right on the belly! It didn’t hurt, he loved it Smile.
If only Atlas would have chowed down on the Spaghetti as Adelaide did….

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