Random Cuteness


Lately when we’re cooking Atlas demands that we give him the apron and a cooking utensil. At least he wants to help : )


Atlas’ first Nursery craft! That’s right, he’s a nursery super star! He actually started going when he was 16 months, we were supposed to just be staying with him so that he could get used to it, but he was so thrilled with everything he could not have cared less if  we were in the room, so they told us we could just totally leave him alone even though he wasn’t age yet (18months). Now when I go to pick him up he’s a little disappointed to leave all of the fun that’s going on. Once he tried crawling into a large toy box when I showed up. Oh dear, like we don’t have toys at home! I’m glad he’s such a good boy though and its nice for neither of us to be roaming the halls all day in church! Although I’m in Primary, but I do get one Sunday off a month where another lady teaches my class so I get to be with the Adults and no Atlas that week : )


This is from about a month ago, but I just stumbled up it and had to post it! I remember spending hours and hours playing in boxes with my sister! One of these days Atlas and I will build a fort, but for now he thoroughly enjoys crawling through the costco sized diaper box.


Another one about two months old. But look at that cuteness right?!

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