Two times a Day at the park is NEVER enough

We're lucky enough to live on a block where there are four playgrounds just within two blocks walking distance. There is a Christian Church school right next door, with a playground free to use if the kids aren't on recess. There is a public elementary school a block away with another great playground. And then there is a huge park that touches our block with a playground on both ends. We usually walk to one before his nap and have lunch there, and then for a little walk and short play right before dinner time. In between those outings I often find him like this:

And then once the agony of waiting is finally over....


  1. How cute is he. Longing for the outdoors.

  2. Hey! Atlas is getting so big...I can't believe it's been so long! Almost 8 months since we've moved. So happy for you and your house. That's awesome. We're glad to be close to family but of course we miss RWC. Hopefully we can come visit soon! We miss your cute little family :)