Mothers Day

from letting me climb into bed with you through made up nightmares

to helping/doing my school essay that I put off until midnight the night before its due

to spending hours and hours far away still helping me with my own projects

to flying far away from home to spend a few precious days together

You have ALWAYS been there when I've needed you.

I know that I owe my confidence to my mother's constant praise. It still rings in my ears anytime I doubt myself, or think to myself that maybe I'm not pretty enough.

Somehow, she taught us to be good people, and we both went on to marry equally GREAT people and start our own great families. What a blessing to have posterity.

I love buying things for my baby that remind me of my own childhood, because I had an AMAZING childhood and love to think of it with any excuse I get. Anything that reminds me of my mom makes me happy.

Not many mother's can say that both of her daughters call her everyday just because they love to hear her voice. (Although that may have become less over time between school and babies and work and husbands, we still talk constantly!)

I love singing my baby songs that my mom sang to

me, I think of her and how I want my son to be as happy as I was as a kid.

I LOVE BEING A MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Love the special connection I suddenly felt with every other woman in the world who loves their child more than any possible thin gin the world.

I love the way that once I had my own baby, I suddenly understood why my mother said "NO" to so many dangerous situations I put myself into, and also felt so thankful and bad for all of the times sh e said "YES" to dangerous things, knowing that she could lose me, but i needed my freedom, how hard that must have been and how I understand now how much you think about your little one being hurt....physically, spiritually, mentally....any form of danger for your precious child is in is like a pit of snakes you would throw yourself in before you let anything bad happen to your baby.

I love baby smiles, baby hugs, baby kisses, and even baby tears. Their tears are so innocent and tender and remind me that Heavenly Father trusted me to soothe these tears.

Thankyou to my mother for raising me just the way she did and I'm so thankful that we have a relationship that goes beyond any other in this world and I hope to have the same relationship with my kids through infancy, childhood, teen years (maybe a few slight modifications ;) ), and adult life! <3!!


  1. You're so sweet! You made me cry happy tears :) I'm so proud of you and the amazing mother you've become! I love you "too much" <3