MY SUNSHINE is four years old!!!!
When I think of how incredible the last four years have been, I feel selfish.
I am overwhelmed with how much this tiny/big little person has changed me.
How much my life has changed since he joined me.
How every little giggle that escapes his mouth make the angels smile.
How every day I somehow love him more and more.
How he has made me a far better person that I would have ever thought possible.
How he has managed to make the sunniest days even brighter.

I don’t know what I possibly may have done in the past life to deserve such a soul to be a part of my universe.

He is just…..the perfect child. And to all of you who know him personally, you know exactly what I mean. When I was pregnant, I would pray that he would be healthy and perfect with no birth complications. I didn’t realize the perfect part would be answer and granted literally.

I kill myself when I ever get mad at him. He is so full of love. Anything he does, he does for joy of life. Never because he wants to cause pain or difficulty on another person. Even those times when I have just put Urban to sleep and he bursts in, waking her up, with an armful of potential snuggle buddies for her, even when I’ve told him not to do that, how could I possibly be mad??? Everything he does he does with his eyes twinkling and taking in the whole world of positive energy. He soaks it up. He radiates. He loves me so much. He tells me all the time. Gently stroking my arm while we’re snuggling.

Excited always to help wash the dishes. Carefully sweeping up messes. Scrubbing and scrubbing Urban’s messy spot at the table. And its not that the novelty of cleaning hasn’t worn off yet, he helps me with these things almost every time we eat. I never ask him to. And he’s gotten really good at them. I often tell him he should go play until I’m done cleaning. He’s told me that he wants to be with me so we should clean together.

He brings me flowers, rocks, sticks, things that are special to him, not because his daddy told him to or he saw it done somewhere, but because he has something special that brings him happiness, and he wants to share that happiness.

He doesn’t even get mad when me make him stay at the table (for hours) until he finishes his food….he just….finds happiness somehow. Singing, playing with his hands, toes. Making funny clicking sounds. Anything.

He will find joy. And then he’ll share that joy with every person and thing that is so lucky to make his acquaintance.
Life is better everyday with him in it.


  1. This is the most precious post. What a special little spirit. There is something special between boys and their mamas!

  2. All your pictures are breathtaking! those pictures on your header are so beautiful and your family is so beautiful! happy birthday to your 4 year old, that is such a fun age(and also when they test your patience). ;)


  3. amazing! your photography is breathtaking! my little hudson will be 4 in february and i cannot believe it! love your blog! found you at casey's!


  4. Anonymous24.1.14

    boys are such a special joy to mamas' hearts! I have three girls, one boy and another boy to join us in may. I have a beautiful connection with each child but there is something so unique about what I share with my son. thank you jesus for little men! :)