I hope nobody was holding their breath, here is a little piece of our summer, Atlas’s first team sport! He is officially a soccer player because he has a medal and a certificate to prove it.
Atlas fell madly in love with Coach Duckey. She makes fun quacking sounds and gives him a duck stamp at the end of practice. All week he would randomly say “we’ve got to hurry, coach ducky is waiting for us!” when it was still days before soccer practice :).
Of course I must give my two cents on the whole experience. The short opinion- 3.5 is too young. Not to be that parent or anything…but Atlas and one other kid were really the only ones that were ready for it, and maybe they were slightly older than the rest, but the rest, it was just a bit stressful, they would run away off of the field, and their parents would get all flustered and try to get them to go back and listen to the coach because by golly they were paying for this experience and they wanted their child to LOVE IT. I get it. But I think that between the parents trying to get the kids to participate, and the coach trying to wrangle 10 wild kiddos into doing something they weren't too interested in, I think it wasn’t the most positive of experiences. Atlas loved it, but I don’t think it would do it at this age again. I’m glad that he didn’t feel the same way though :-)
This picture is significant because it was when Urban was still very new to the whole family wrestling scene. Was this really only 5 months ago?! Goodness me….


  1. How fun! After putting Lil in dance class I would have to agree with the age thing. So frustrating when the teacher has to spend the entire time calling kids back to her (yes, yes, Lil was one of the kids who was running all over the place. Big surprise) ;)

  2. Love all these pics! They are so adorable. We will have to plan our get-together for after the Halloween festivities! :)