Watch Out…

H&M in Austin is opening tomorrow!!!

I don’t know why I love this weird H&M video…but I do
Let me just tell you, there being an H&M store in the same building that I drop my husband off for work every day….is not going to be good on our bank account.
I’m about to go all commercial on you, but seriously, I dress my entire family here (ok so not Mike as much, he has a few pieces from there but he’s kind of stuck up….)….and its CHEAP (for their basics, and if you shop the sales). Their baby clothes are almost the same price as carters/achildrensplace/yourgreatgrandma’sstyle except SO CUTE! Ahhhhh.
I was especially thrilled when I was pregnant the second time around and discovered that they have a maternity line- if you are expecting, this is the only place you need to go for maternity clothes. Like this shirt for $12. Yeah.
I’m not allowed to buy anything for myself right now, because I have a fitness goal I’m working on, and when I hit that goal, my reward is a fun time at H&M. But at least I can go shopping for the kids now! I haven’t been shopping for Urban since before she was born, so this is going to be quite the cuteness party I tell you.
SOOOOO since I’m all bummed out that they are opening tomorrow and I can’t go shopping for myself (and because my kids are napping so I can waste time like this [though my mile-long to-do list would say otherwise]), I decided to make a little H&M wishlist.
Now I can just look at this everytime I go to shove another tree-shaped Reese’s into my mouth….

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  1. The Boise H&M opens this Wednesday, just in time for Black Friday. It's going to be scary, especially for Sophie. She has babysitting money burning a hole in her pocket.