Our Thanksgiving for four

It was quite sad to be without any family for Thanksgiving, but thankfully (har har) we happen to LOVE being together, just the four of us (still unbelievable to me that I have a family of four). So we had a fantastic long weekend together, and Mike cooked us up QUITE the last minute feast! Still feasting on de-lish leftovers here.

A note on the bareness of our home, just in case you didn’t know, we are in the middle of becoming home-owners, and we are living in a temporary apartment….hence the lack of tables…chair…couches….pictures on walls…..etc…..

On Thanksgiving day, I even attempted a camera-on-the-window-sill-on-some-dvd-cases family picture! Using my forgotten camera shutter-remote. Not perfection, but its fun to have one of all four of us, a rare occurrence! I don’t mind my head being cut off when its with these lovelies.
I found about a hundred of these on my camera. I seriously didn’t realize he had the remote as was just sittin there clickin away.
And then later, I told him he should take a picture of himself kissing Urban. Good shot Atlas.
Some more from the day:
I know the day of “Thanksgiving” is past, but I am endlessly thankful. Every day of the year.

This life. in this world. leaves me in awe constantly.


Singing my babies to sleep. Thankful.
Kissing my husband when he walks in the door after work. Thankful.
Exercising my able body. Thankful.
Skype. Thankful.

I’m Thankful For Now.



  1. Ariel, you are so incredibly adorable and I'm happy that I got to meet you and your darling family. I'm SO excited about your almost new home, but just bummed that you're not going to be in our ward. xo

  2. I love this little family. And I think it's funny that our apartment doesn't look that different from yours, but we're NOT trying to move..haha. and I really love Atlas's self portrait. You should print it.

  3. I love how you still went all out & made it special for just the 4 of you all! Your fam is super cute!