So apparantly, Austin is big on running! As far as I can tell, there is some weird 5k going on every weekend. So far ones that we have heard of include running from zombies, racing through mud, karaoke 5k, running around an f1 track, and a 10 miler band marathon.

Mud Factor

Last weekend we did a Mud & Obstacle 5k. Doesn’t crawling through warm squishy mud and scaling 20-foot walls sound like a 7 year old’s dream come true?
Well it wasn’t really as muddy as expected. And the mud that there was was more like clay! Nevertheless, it was a total blast and I’m so happy we had such a fun group to do it with!
Before & After (I know….we just look wet.)

Formula Run

And for this weekend’s 5K we went to the Formula 1 track that will be opening in about two weeks for the Circuit of the Americas. It was actually really really cool! A lot of enthusiasts were there to walk/run around a track which they had great appreciation for. There were a lot of participants who you would never expect to see on a 5k race, like disabled people in motorized scooters, or with canes, or even a man with no legs and no arms! So amazing. They just really wanted to be a part of something they admire so much. I loved the atmosphere! And what better, it was Atlas & Urban’s first race! We wouldn’t have done it without Atlas, our little race car enthusiast. We hope to take him to an actual race at this track in the future.
It was so foggy, and we were all wet from the humidity. But otherwise perfect running temperature.
there were about 5,000 racers!
we made lots and lots of race car sounds
weaved in and out of the other racers
and made lots of pit stops to take pictures


  1. I am ESPECIALLY impressed with the Formula Run race. How fun is that?! You're an inspiration.

    1. Haha thanks Brittney! We're having fun with it all! I'm trying to convince myself that I am tough enough to do the tough mudder (http://toughmudder.com/) in April...I'm pretty sure I'll chicken out before I ever even register...