A Chipper Halloween

After he knocked & trick-or-treated his first door ^ and walked away with a piece of candy in his little orange bag, he exclaimed: “It’s working!”
50% of the time he would walk away from the door, then stop and check out his plunder before moving onto the next house.
You gotta hear this kid say “Arrrr!”
Some days I feel like he looks just. like. me. Then others, all I can see is Mike, like this picture ^.
Didn’t you know that real pirates wear Brooks Brothers polos?
Actually we had no intentions of dressing up, but when I got Atlas’ sword, earing, and eye patch and it came to only $2, I was like yeah! (Oh how I ‘ve missed wal-mart.) I knew Atlas would love sword fighting with Daddy. 
We went trick-or-treating in a potential neighborhood we are looking at buying in! It definitely sold us! (of course all the happy families are out and smiling together on a holiday where you give eachother candy) We loved the friendliness and happiness of the whole neighborhood, there was even one house bbqing Halloweenies (teehee!) and playing the banjo! It was pretty busy with families and kids because there is a large park right there and community center which had some Halloween activities going on. We love that kind of stuff and that is exactly the kind of thing we are accustomed too having lived so close to a large park & community center for the last few years & Redwood city was sooooo very involved with family activities. Cross your fingers for us that we can find & get the right place!
Anybody else excited for the stores to fiiiiiinnally be sold out of pumpkin shaped Reese’s?? I’m pretty sure this year I ate enough to affect my life expectancy.

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  1. I kept checking instagram last for Halloween pictures from you guys. So cute. Was this his first time trick-or-treating? Urban is the cutest mouse I've ever seen.