All You Need are Balloons

Really. That is all you need for a successful two year old birthday party!
Well no matter what I do my little man continues to get older. Sometimes I realize that I’m not correcting him on his words to pronounce them better because….I LOVE the way he says them! With all of his w’s replacing the r’s,  his silent s’s, and the way he seems to put n’s in front of everything… You try telling him that the word for Oatmeal is NOT “noh-wee-oh”…
We threw a small bday party. He really does love playing with his little toddler friends and I’m so glad they were all able to make it (along with their parents who I equally love!)! We get together with these little people + their mommies several times a week. And playtime usually wears long into naptime because we’re always having such a great time together.


Thrilled by his special Thomas Balloon


it’s an inflatable punching bag that Atlas loves to bounce on with friends


We Gave him a Tball set and a soccer ball. They had a ton of fun hitting with the tball in the living room, until it was just too much to share just one bat. Then we put it away for the night. Hey they all shared pretty well for as long as they did :). Mike is also making Atlas a very special gift that is not yet finished. Gifts not pictured: an adorable little red tie from friends, A cozy “pet pals” thomas the train pillow from Gparents D, and some spending money from Gparents S that we will have a blast with at toys’r’us this week (but he thought the gift was the card with the elephant….he loves elephants :).


The Thomas PJS were also a bday gift from us (that we actually just had because we forgot to give them to him to christmas…). The party went pretty late, and by the time he got into bed he passed out reading “just go to bed” with the light on! What a cutie. Party hard.


  1. So cute! And fun! Happy Birthday Atlas :-)

  2. Ohhh....precious! We love that little guy! I can't believe how big he is getting. And he always has that happy look in his eye. Love you guys!

  3. Atlas, your are so adorable!!! I love the pure joy in his face. Thank you for letting us celebrate with you. We had a blast! Hope you guys feel better soon!