aaaand we’re back

You may have heard that a certain little hard-to-be-mad-at toddler pulled many of the keys off of my laptop keyboard. You know important keys like….spacebar….a….t……m…..comma……backspace….and many others. Making it surprisingly difficult/impossible to type. But I finally figured out how to get them back on, and fixed all of the keys except for the three key and the f9, but I think we will survive without.

So lets start the catchin-up with this super cool photo shoot with the little man:

Oh sorry just a minute, let me get a wet cloth to wipe off what appears to be spaghetti finger prints on the upper right of my screen (really, I don’t know how I’m just now noticing this…poor laptop in the home of a toddler…)


This is my little star model, and he loves his sunglasses



And then that very last one on the right, with him folding his arms. That one I showed him, fold you arms like this, then lean against the glass and smile….and he DID. :D but it only lasted a few sconds and that’s why I only got one shot and it is out of focus…

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  1. Such a sweet & handsome boy! He is the best little model!