Monterey Aquarium / 23rd Year of Life


The Jelly Fish and the Sea Horse are at the top of my list for sea creatures that I can’t stare at long enough. Their movements are magical and mesmerizing. Like staring into the dancing flames of a campfire…

Atlas didn’t appreciate the aquarium as much, he fell asleep in his stroller halfway through. The music and lighting throughout the aquarium was very soothing and it made me happy that those kind of details were seen to in the planning of the aquarium. Which apparently the Monterey Aquarium was used as a model for many other famous aquariums around the world, since it was one of the first of its kind.

I’ve decided that the best job in the world is an ocean life photographer and/or videographer. Scuba diving, picture taking, swimming with the turtles….?!!

On the way home we decided to take a slight detour through Salinas to see the home the great American writer John Steinbeck grew up in. Very neat!


Atlas THROUROUGHLY enjoyed my birthday balloon.

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