Blog Post

My first feeble attempt at a blog post. Its past 1am and I have no idea what I'm going to write yet. So you get what you get. It may be more appropriate for this blog to be titled or subtitled the chronicles of Atlas.

After trying to keep Atlas still for three sessions of general conference. I finally decided to make edible (disgusting, but edible) play dough. We had a blast. He tried eating it once, then twice, and a few times more. I think he really wanted it to taste good.

We usually jsut set the laptop on the couch to keep out of reach of little hands, but the other day I walked into the living room to find Atlas working away!

These were taken after a fun day at the beach! Everytime we go he learns to eat sand less and play with it more. He now has an ever so slight farmers tan and its adorable.

Yes, this is Atlas eating his very first peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I knew you would want to see it. ;)


  1. He looks like he's three in some of these pictures. I'm so glad you're finally doing this. Because that kid is too cute to not share with everybody.

  2. What a beautiful great-nephew I have. Which is good, since it sounds horrible to be old enough to be a great aunt!! Keep the pics coming.

  3. Welcome Ariel!! Atlas is THE CUTEST!! He looks like Mike to me :) Do people say that? You guys are in SF right? I love that place. I grew up in Concord. Hope you guys are doing well. XO